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Student Advisory Board


The Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a community of diverse undergraduate and graduate students who serve in a consultative role to Student Health (SH) regarding college studentsÂ’ physical and mental health at UNC Charlotte. Student Advisory Board members have the opportunity to share with the SHC how we can engage in different ways with the student body, further promote health services, and better serve the student community. The Student Advisory Board is able to provide input on service offerings and student access to those services. The Student Advisory Board is able to also provide input on SH policies and procedures and to work directly with SHC leadership and staff.


  • Be a currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student at UNC-Charlotte
  • Complete application and interview for Student Advisory Board
  • Commit to attend 1-2 meetings/month for one academic year term (dates TBD)
  • Be open to learn about and become familiar with Student Health services and procedures
  • Be willing to share perspectives on health and wellbeing issues that affect UNC-Charlotte student body
  • Assist in research efforts by the SH to reduce barriers for students in marginalized communities or with underrepresented identities
  • Participate in professional staff interviews and selection processes
  • Participate in at least 2 SHC sponsored events or outreaches every semester
  • Participate or coordinate at least 2 social media postings every semester
  • Students will get the opportunity to promote growth and change within Student Health and increase access to and improve effectiveness of its services for the larger student community
  • Students will get the opportunity interact with other SAB members who are interested in engaging with UNC-Charlotte community, or interested in student health and wellbeing.
  • Students will get the opportunity to interact with the SHC staff members and learn more about health careers and higher education
  • Students will gain new leadership skills, gain experience working as a team, and practice interpersonal skills in a professional setting
  • Students will have the opportunity to participate in campus wide events to promote health and wellbeing among students

Thank you for your interest in serving as a representative on the Student Advisory Board at UNC Charlotte's Student Health.

These are the steps to apply for the UNC Charlotte Student Advisory Board:


Step 1: Complete and submit the Student Advisory Board Application online.

Step 2: All applicants will be contacted regarding applicant status; applicants selected for an in-
person interview with the SHC will be notified by phone or email.

Step 3: Selected applicants that have formally committed to the Student Advisory Board for the
2022-2023 academic year can expect to begin their duties by attending monthly meetings beginning Spring Semester.

Apply Now