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Steps with Student Health

Enjoy the opportunity to meet and learn from Student Health Center physicians and other healthcare professionals while being active. Steps with Student Health provides an opportunity to learn about health topics important to you and get your health questions answered by college health professionals. Health talks are brief and paired with a walk around campus. Walks are inclusive so accommodations can be made to facilitate all ability levels.

These events are included in the Discover Your Wellness Passport program.


  • Learn about various health and medical topics from college health professionals with opportunities for discussion and questions.
  • Be active with regularly scheduled movement through walking.
  • Get to know your campus health professionals at the Student Health Center.

Thursday, February 9 — 4-5 PM
Steps to Winter Wellness; "Why is my nose running?"
Learn about common upper respiratory infections and what to do when you have symptoms.

Thursday, March 9 — 4-5 PM
Basic Steps for Sexual Health
Learn about protection to avoid sexually transmitted infections and what to do if you think you might have one.

Tuesday, April 11 — 4-5 PM
Fueling Your Steps
Learn about basic nutrition and how to provide the fuel your body needs especially when you are active.

Tuesday, May 2 — 4-5 PM
Taking Steps to Relieve Stress
Learn strategies to reduce stress including regular exercise and spending time outdoors.

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