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Allergy Clinic

Fall 2023: Allergy Services are at capacity.  Please call 704-687-7427 for wait list options.

The Immunization Clinic staff provides consultation and services to UNC Charlotte students. Our staff will assist you with questions regarding our Allergy Clinic.

Allergy injections are provided to patients in the build-up or maintenance phases of immunotherapy. Our policy requires that patients receive the first and second injection of their first vial of initial build-up in their allergist's office.

Please note the Student Health Center does not file private insurance, please contact your insurance company regarding reimbursement. Fees range from $15-$35 per visit depending on the number of injections required.

Allergy services available to a limited amount of students each semester. Once we meet capacity, students may contact Carolina Asthma and Allergy, the University location, or another clinic of their choosing to continue receiving their allergy injections. If serum is received from non-established patients, we will contact them via phone to discuss transferring to another local clinic.

Getting started? Follow the steps below to begin receiving your allergy injections at the Student Health Center:

Step 1

Download our Allergy Packet. Have the necessary forms completed by your allergist/doctor.

Step 2

Carefully read and sign the allergy clinic agreement that indicates willingness to comply with the guidelines for receiving allergy injections at the Student Health Center.

Step 3

Make an appointment at Student Health Center for an initial allergy consultation. Call 704‑687‑7427

Step 4

Please bring the completed allergy packet as well as items below to your scheduled allergy consultation appointment:

  • Vials of allergy extracts
  • Written order from the prescribing allergist/doctor.
  • Schedule for missed injections for buildup and/or maintenance.
  • Dosage adjustments instructions for local reactions.
  • A record of recent injections-  A minimum of 2 dates with dosage and response to injection(s) recorded by your allergy office.
    • If you are just starting your allergy injections, you must receive at least two initial injections (minimum two office visits) from your vials at your prescribing Physician’s office prior to receiving injections at the Student Health Center.
Allergy Clinic Hours

Allergy Clinics are offered weekly through the fall and spring semesters, by appointment only. Call for more details.