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Immunization FAQs

Records should be submitted by using your online Student Health Portal. Log in using your NINERNET credentials.

Please remember to place your name, date of birth, and student ID number on each page of your records to be uploaded.

  • Immunization Record Form. Form must have a clinic stamp or signature and address of the medical provider (REQUIRED).
  • Required TB skin or blood test (Who needs a TB Test?)
  • We will also accept immunization records from a state immunization registry, your private doctor, previous school, military, or your vaccine card (must be signed or stamped by clinic or doctor). Please contact us if you are unsure about an acceptable vaccine record.
  • Medical history form (RECOMMENDED). To fill out the medical history form, please log in to Student Health Portal.

Most incoming students (freshman, transfers, undergraduate and graduate) are required to submit immunizations records. Some exceptions and exemptions may apply.  For detailed information about required vaccines, see our immunizations form.

For additional information about North Carolina state requirements, visit the NC Health and Human Services Immunizations Branch page.

Only if one of the following applies to you:

  • You are an international student from a high risk country.
  • You were born in a high risk country.
  • You have traveled to a high risk country for more than one month within the last 5 years.
  • You have had close contact (lived or worked) with someone who had active tuberculosis.

A TB skin test (PPD or TST) OR TB blood test (QuantiFERON-Gold or T-Spot) within the past 12 months is required if one of the above applies to you.

A list of high risk countries, as compiled by the World Health Organization, can be found at

Immunization records are due when you are admitted to the university (should be submitted for review prior to your arrival to New Student Orientation.

Those with incomplete records can come into compliance by providing further documentation or receiving missing immunizations within 30 days of the first day (calendar) of classes.

Failure to comply with the law will result in being dropped from class(es) and losing on campus housing, if applicable. It often takes time to obtain records from other facilities and to complete requirements.

We encourage you to fill out the health history form but, UNC Charlotte does NOT require a physical exam for admission. This may be a good opportunity to consult with your healthcare provider regarding any health concerns and recommended vaccines you may need.

Records are most often available at one of the following locations:

  • Personal Records of Shots given (must have valid clinic stamp or health care provider signature)
  • Military Records  or World Health Organization Records (WHO)
  • Previous College or University
  • County Public Health Department
  • Your Private Physician’s Office
  • For tips in finding immunization records from other states, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Vaccines and Immunizations page.

Records from the list above may contain some, but not all of your immunization information. Please cross-reference the records with our requirements.

Acceptable records contain:

  • Name of student
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • name and date of vaccines received (MM / DD / YYYY)
  • Doctor’s stamp with address, Clinic stamp with address, Signature with address of Provider, Health Department stamp

Yes, please call for an appointment. Please contact us for more details.

Students are responsible for all fees/charges. The Student Health Center DOES NOT file private/outside insurance for immunizations.

For more information about permissible exemptions in the State of North Carolina, please visit the NC Health and Human Services Exemptions page.

If you cannot find records of your immunizations, you must start the series of vaccines that are required by NC law.  For more information on required vaccines, please see our Immunization Form or visit the NC DHHS for Tips on locating immunization records.

Our Medical Records department will be glad to help you with that request.

Students who wish to have their immunizations records released to another college or university directly may call 704-687-7192 and request the release.  A signed release is not necessary for this purpose.  There is no cost for obtaining your immunization record.

Students who wish to request a copy of their medical records, or wish to have immunizations records released to anyone other than another college or university, must sign a request (Authorization for Release of Medical Information) stating the reason for the request and what person/agency is to receive the information. For further information, please call 704‑687‑7192.

Immunization records are NOT automatically transferred from your high school or previous college or university. Transcripts sent during the admission process are used for the purposes of admission only. Please have your previous university send a copy of your immunizations directly to you and submit them to the immunization department. High school transcripts are not accepted unless verified by your doctor/clinic.

Thank you for your service.

Even though you may have received numerous vaccinations while in service, these records often do not include documentation of childhood immunizations. We would be happy to review any military records you have for compliance with the NC Immunization Law. Once reviewed, we can advise you of any missing immunizations. If you have traveled out of the United States (to a high risk area) in the past five years, you are required to have had a TB skin test within the past 12 months.

*Please combine childhood vaccine records and military records for review.