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University Health Services Fee is a mandatory fee for undergraduate and graduate students. The fee provides access to professional medical care at the Student Health Center. The fee also covers services for Counseling and Psychological Services and the Center for Wellness Promotion. Students do not have to be enrolled in the Student Blue health plan to utilize the services at the Student Health Center.

University Health Services Fee is a mandatory fee for undergraduate and graduate students. The fee provides access to professional medical care at the Student Health Center. Students do not have to be enrolled in the Student Blue health plan to utilize the services at the Student Health Center. 

The Health Service Fee for the academic year 2023-2024 is $167.50 per semester for students enrolled in 6 hours or more. The fee is prorated by the number of hours enrolled for students enrolled in 5 or less hours. This fee is included in tuition charges.

Services covered by the Health Fee (you WILL NOT be charged for these services):

  • Unlimited preventative, sick and injury office visits
  • Psychiatry visits
  • Registered Dietician visits
  • After-hours nurse advice line. 

Services not covered by the Health Fee (You WILL be charged for these services): 

  • Lab tests, x-rays, vaccinations, allergy injections, medical supplies, physical therapy, specialty clinics and some procedures.  Many are priced significantly below private sector prices. 
  • Cost of prescriptions and over-the-counter medication.  The Pharmacy accepts most health insurance for payment. 
  • The Health Fee is not health insurance. For information on student health insurance click here.

Students enrolled during the summer: The Summer Health Service Fee is prorated by the number of on-campus hours enrolled. There is a separate fee for each of the two summer sessions.

Students enrolled in Distance Education classes during the Summer
The University does not charge a health service fee for those enrolled in distance education classes. Students who do not pay the University Health Services fee must pay an access fee (SHC Summer Fee) to receive services during the summer sessions.

*Newly admitted students are eligible to receive immunizations required to meet the N.C. Immunization statute without paying the summer fee.

Students not enrolled during the Summer

Students Not Enrolled During Summer Semesters or enrolled in only in Distance Education classes: There is a $40.00 (in-person visits) and $20.00 (telemedicine only) SHC Summer fee for each summer session for students who are not enrolled in summer classes but were enrolled during the previous spring session and are pre-enrolled for the coming fall session. This fee is charged by the Student Health Center at the first summer visit.

$45.00 for the initial visit; $35.00 per follow-up visit. Visitors to UNC Charlotte: participants in conferences, camps, seminars, and New Student Orientation (e.g. families and students) are eligible to use Student Health Center services for acute treatment but must pay the visitorsÂ’ fee at the time of their visits. Ancillary services must be paid at the time of the visit.

$30.00 Missed Appointment Administrative Fee will be applied after a specialty appointment is missed, for the following appointment types:

  • Pap Test
  • Registered Dietician- New/Initial appointment
  • Gynecological
  • Travel Clinic- With the medical provider
  • Colposcopy
  • Psychiatrist Initial Assessment (1 hour)
  • Nexplanon
  • Orthopedic Initial appointment
  • Annual Well Person Physical

$15.00 Missed Appointment Administrative Fee will be applied after a non-specialty appointment or class is missed.

A $35 missed class fee will be applied after a CPR class is missed.

Students may appeal the missed appointment fee by submitting an Appeal Google Form within 14 days of the missed.late appointment.

Payment is expected at the time when services are rendered.


  • Charges may be paid at the time of your visit by cash, check or by VISA, MasterCard, or American Express.  Flexible savings accounts (FSA) are also accepted.  Patients must have the credit/debit card at the time of payment. Payments will not be accepted by telephone.
  • Charges may also be applied to Student Accounts. Every student has a university student account, where tuition and fees are charged. A Student Account is not the same as the 49er Card. Charges will appear as a "Health Center Charge" and can take up to 4 days to appear on the account.  Student Accounts payments can be made on the second floor of the Reese building or online through the 49er Express. Students are strongly encouraged to periodically review their Student Account through 49er Express.
  • The SHC will fill claims for students with the University Student Blue health insurance. All other insurances will not be filed in- house. After each visit a receipt/walk-out statement will be provided at check-out or via the health portal.  Students may submit the statement to their private insurance for processing.
  • Click here for more information about Medicaid and Medicare.


UNC Charlotte Student Health Center recognizes the impact of the cost of medical care on studentsÂ’ budgets, and we work to provide comprehensive care and services at minimal cost to students. We have compiled a list of the most frequent Student Health Center charges for review. The list is not inclusive and pricing is subject to change.

Click here for a list of SHC charges and fees.